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2019 PECCA Updates to the Memorandum of Understanding

Management and the elected Professional Employees Organization (HCEA) plus one Unaffiliated teacher worked collaboratively to compose and publish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with clearly stated operation procedures on the seven subjects in the Scope of Conferencing. The Scope of Conferencing includes the following seven subjects: salary or wages, grievance procedures, insurance, fringe benefits, working conditions, leave, and payroll deductions according to the Professional Educators Collaborative Conferencing Act (PECCA) of 2011. (TCA 49-5-601 through 609)

The School Board approved a new MOU on July 25, 2019 which will remain in effect until July 2022. Look for the MOU to be posted on the HCS website soon.

Here are some of the changes that the PECCA team has in place for the new MOU:

  • Group term life insurance policy in the amount increased from $20,000 to $40,000
  • Classroom Prep Professional employees may choose to work an optional 7.5 hours to individually prepare for the opening of a new school year. This time may be used to prepare the physical classroom environment, planning, or to prepare instructional materials and resources for use with students. Professional employees opting to work this time will receive $75.00 upon submitting documentation to the building administrator
  • Duty – Professional employees may be assigned required duties beyond the normal workday. Such duties shall be distributed on an equitable basis and determined by the principal and the faculty. Equitable shall not mean all professional employees are on duty simultaneously.
  • Planning Time – Professional employees shall be afforded 2 ½ hours of self-directed planning time each week during which they shall have no assigned duties or responsibilities of a non-instructional nature. This preparation time shall occur during no less than two days and shall consist of a minimum of 30 consecutive minutes per planning period. Self-directed planning time for professional employees is to be used for activities directly related to the instructional program. Professional employees may elect to use this time to individually or collaboratively study standards, analyze student data and work samples, plan new lessons and units, or prepare materials for instruction.
  • Meetings Before or After the Workday – Professional employees shall not be required to attend more than four hours of meetings per month before or after the regular workday. This shall mean meetings of any kind scheduled in addition to the 7.5 hour workday including, but not limited to: leadership team, instructional committees, RTI team, faculty meetings, professional development, etc.

Guidelines for all Scheduled Meetings

  • In no case may a meeting begin before 7:00AM.
  • 48 hours advance notice given in writing
  • Afternoon meetings shall not be scheduled on Fridays or any day immediately preceding any holiday or other day upon which professional employee attendance is not required at school.

Guidelines for Faculty Meetings

  • By the end of the first week of the school year, the faculty shall know the regular schedule for faculty meetings. This shall not prevent the principal from calling faculty meetings necessitated by an emergency situation.
  • Meetings held after the end of the student school day shall start no less than 20 minutes after all classes are dismissed.

Notification of Absence

  • Professional employees are expected to notify an administrator any time they will be absent from school.
  • As long as the automated substitute system is operational, professional employees shall be required to enter the absence in order to secure a substitute. If notification of the professional employee’s absence to the automated substitute system is not made before midnight, the professional employee is required to call the administrator or designee to report their absence.
  • Professional employees with pre-scheduled school events must enter the absence a minimum of one week in advance of the event.

Professional Development

All local professional development will be scheduled to occur on days
(1) identified as staff development days, or
(2) after the end of the regular school day or
(3) during the time when regular school is not in session.
(4) Professional employees will receive electronic notice of workshops from the host.

The professional employee lunch period will be a minimum of one-hour on staff development days if lunch is not provided. The professional employee workday may be extended to maintain the 7.5 workday while allowing for a longer lunch period than usual.


A professional employee shall be granted five (5) consecutive work days leave without loss of pay or benefits, and not chargeable to any other type of leave on the death of a parent or court appointed legal guardian, spouse, child of the professional employee, natural and/or adopted siblings, current parents-in-law, grandchildren, and grandparents if the leave is taken within seven (7) calendar days of the funeral or cremation.

What is still in progress as we begin a new school year?

Unlike in the past, the conferencing team will continue to work throughout the year. The team has several items being researched to discuss as collaborative conferencing continues during the 2019-2020 school term.

Items currently being researched include:

*compensation for teaching an extra class (secondary level)

*compensation for covering an open substitute position during a planning period

*improvements to the high-deductible insurance plan

*waiting period for insurance coverage

*dental insurance/costs

*short-term disability insurance

*discounts and reward packages for employees