A robust union benefits all teachers by ensuring an active educator voice. HCEA is always at the table, working to ensure teachers are represented in the following areas:

Salaries & Wages
Working Conditions
Payroll Deductions
Grievance Procedures
Fringe Benefits


“Educators can have their voice heard.”

Each school has an Association Representative elected by the individual’s school faculty to bring a voice to the monthly meetings at the HCEA office. Both administrators and Association Representatives have pledged to promote the best working and learning conditions in our schools.


“Doing a good job and minding your own business is no guarantee you’ll avoid a work-related problem.”

Educators are exposed to situations that may give rise to legal actions that can involve personal liability. Members feel safe knowing they have the following protections:

Adequate Liability Coverage
TEA UniServ Coordinator (working at the HCEA office)
Dedicated Attorneys (attorney services are available to members only)

Collective Voice

“Get involved. Be a voice of public education.”

Members vote and contact elected officials. Is there a specific area of education you’d like to impact? Elected officials can’t do their work unless they hear from their constituents. HCEA stays informed and active in understanding legislation that impacts our schools.


HCEA supports educators by providing numerous professional opportunities for its membership. While some opportunities are open to all educators, many are offered only to HCEA members. The instructional and professional development divisions are an important part of our network. We bring important topics such as the Teacher Code of Ethics, Professionalism, Project Coach, Classroom Management, and National Board Certification directly to our members.