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For Hamilton County, TN voters, please check out the Hamilton County Election Commission’s website. To register to vote, or check the status of your registration, go here.

For more information on relevant voting dates and deadlines, please look at the PDF below, published by the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office.

Bonus and a raise for all our extra days!

TEA Advocate, 01/04/2021
  • Bonus & a Raise for Educators – Tennessee educators stepped up and have gone above and beyond during the pandemic. Teachers have earned a bonus and a raise.
  • Suspend Testing & Evaluation – Students and teachers are facing unprecedented disruption in learning this year. It is irresponsible to move forward with state testing and teacher evaluations
  • Increase Funding – Our public schools need the state to step up and provide the resources needed to support students.
  • Change Evaluation System – The flaws of our decade-old evaluation system are apparent to our teachers and administrators. It’s time to redesign a system that improves teaching and provides valuable feedback.
  • Fight Privatization – Tennessee public schools need strong financial support from the state now more than ever. Diverting any amount of money to fund private schools or other privatization schemes would be irresponsible as our public schools work to educate and protect all Tennessee students.

For more information, read the TEA Advocate, which outlines the TEA’s Legislative Priorities for 2021, including