In 2011, the Tennessee General Assembly passed the Professional Educators Collaborative Conferencing Act (PECCA) , which replaced teachers’ collective bargaining rights with Collaborative Conferencing. Collaborative Conferencing gives professional employees the ability to decide to engage in a series of employee-related issues with the Board of Education and the professional organizations chosen to represent them. Collaborative Conferencing is not limited to members of the organizations listed and it includes all professional employees.

We are currently negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the next three years, starting in fall of 2023.

Teacher Team
Lori Cleveland, Orchard Knob Elementary
Kayla Butler, Central High School
Dr. Kimberly Elbakidze, Red Bank Middle School
Michelle Gooden, Middle Valley Elementary School
Shane McNeese, Washington School
Erin Miller, Hixson High School
Jeanette Omarkhail, HCEA President

Central Office Team
Dr. Justin Robertson, Superintendent
Dr. Sonia Stewart, Deputy Superintendent
Dr. Marsha Drake, Chief Equity Officer
Dr. Robert Sharpe, Chief Operations Officer
Mary Ellen Heuton, CPA – Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Zac Brown, Chief of Talent
Rashaad Williams, Principal – Dalewood Middle School

PECCA Updates

The PECCA Team is continuing to meet and work on our MOU. We most recently met on July 10, 2023, to discuss legal concerns.