In 2011, the Tennessee General Assembly passed the Professional Educators Collaborative Conferencing Act (PECCA) , which replaced teachers’ collective bargaining rights with Collaborative Conferencing. Collaborative Conferencing gives professional employees the ability to decide to engage in a series of employee-related issues with the Board of Education and the professional organizations chosen to represent them. Collaborative Conferencing is not limited to members of the organizations listed and it includes all professional employees.

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Teacher Team
Steve Hinkle, Chairperson, East Brainerd Elementary
Jeanette Omarkhail, HCEA President
Lori Cleveland, Orchard Knob Elementary
Larry Lewis, Hixson High School
Bailey Payne, East Hamilton Middle School
Kayla Butler, Central High School
Summer Zahnen, Unaffiliated Member, Middle Valley Elementary

Central Office Team
Keith Fogleman, Chairperson, Chief Talent Officer
Dr. Bryan Johnson, Superintendent
Dr. Nakia Towns Edwards, Chief of Staff
Dr. Justin Robertson, Chief Operating Officer
Brent Goldberg, Chief Business Officer
Penny Murray, Human Director, Operations
Jim Boles, Principal – CSAS

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For Immediate Release: February 6, 2020

The following statement may be attributed to Hamilton County Collaborative Conferencing Teacher Representative Team and Hamilton County Education Association President Jeanette Omarkhail:

The Professional Educators Collaborative Conferencing Act’s PECCA Teacher Representative Team is happy to join with management to present this salary increase option to the HCDE Board. Last year’s preparations for the current budget included efforts to increase salary and classroom supports. At the time we were only able to provide classroom supports and a one-time bonus. This action adds the salary component we were seeking.

We are encouraged by this step towards the 10% goal we said we would be seeking for FY21. This is an example of proactive budget management rather than a reactive approach on the part of HCDE. This will bring beginning teacher pay to $41,051 beginning February 8th, which is a step toward the priority of competitive professional educator pay

Recent history of compensation in Hamilton County has seen several years with 0% increases. The step increases are minor and much less than the cost of living increases for those years. Hamilton County Schools have shown that we can achieve amazing growth scores and achievement scores that out perform the state because we are dedicated to our students and public education. To have 45 Level 5 schools, 32 Reward Schools and 80% of our teachers meeting or exceeding student growth expectations is a historical success that should not be ignored or discredited.

This proposal is a step in the right direction. We are appreciative of the support of the community. However, the journey is not over. This has shown that Hamilton County Schools has worked to use their resources to fund our priorities. We encourage the community and ALL our elected officials to make competitive professional educator pay a priority for funding in FY21.