A Statement from our HCEA President

By Jeanette Omarkhail

The Governor cutting education is the wrong decision. Education is foundational to this country. He is still fighting for the $41 million in voucher funding for private schools while ignoring the current Public Educational needs which he is mandated to provide. That money would cover most of what is needed. He says he “has no choice” which is not true. He has access to billions at his discretion. The state has $1.2 billion in rainy day funds and $5 billion in appropriations carry forward plus millions in other funds that he has the discretion to use. Every reserve not required for necessary services should be used. Stopping the tax cuts this year on the Hall tax and professional privilege tax would help. At a time when we are looking at the need to plan for innovative and creative ways to continue educating our children and teachers are working harder than ever in extraordinary times, the Governor needs to keep his promise to the Tennessee people to “make Tennessee the best state in America to be a teacher.”

Teachers – we need to be contacting the Governor and our state legislators and letting them know we are not OK with this decision and ask them to reject his budget.

Senator Bo Watson is chair of the Senate Finance Committee and is from Hamilton County. He needs to hear from everyone. Ways to contact Sen. Watson can be found here.

Representative Patsy Hazelwood is Co-Chair of the House Finance Committee and is from Hamilton County. She needs to hear from everyone. Ways to contact Rep. Hazelwood can be found here.

Here is the link to find contact information for others.